The Laundry Room

Wash, Dry & Fold

If you are a busy person with little time to do your laundry, this service is tailored for you!

We wash, dry and neatly fold clothing, table linens, bed linens, and all your household laundry using professional brand laundry detergent that’s gentle enough for delicate fabrics – and even sensitive. Your laundry is handled discreetly, washed and dried in a machine by itself, and folded neatly afterwards. We even pair the socks!

Your fresh laundry is wrapped, ready to be picked up and put away when you get home. We can even arrange pick up and delivery of your laundry upon request. This service is designed for today’s busy households and charged by weight to ensure we deliver great value as well as the ultimate convenience.

duvets & throws

Duvets, blankets and throws laundry services in Mullingar

Duvets, throws, blankets and rugs can be cleaned and dried using our large capacity, professional laundry equipment, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This service is charged per piece.

Sports Kits laundry service in Westmeath

Partners Garment Care is the laundry service of choice for many sports clubs and schools in Westmeath, Meath, Offaly, Longford, Kildare and Cavan. This can be an overwhelming task for any club during games season, but we handle it with ease. Your team will appreciate it!

Ironing Service

Apparently, Ironing is the household chore that people hate most – and we’re not surprised! It can take 3+ Hours of precious time each week to iron for the average family, but our professional ironing service can eliminate this dreaded task for good.

It’s surprisingly affordable to let us take care of your ironing basket. Your clothing will be professionally ironed and returned to you on a hanger or folded, depending on your preference. We also offer a professional ironing service for household items such as bed linen, tablecloths, napkins and curtains.